Meet our coaches

I’m Dan and I’m the owner and head trainer at SWEATLAB.

My journey to becoming a trainer began after losing a close friend at the age of 18. I decided I wanted to be in an industry where I can make an impact on people. I left my apprenticeship as an auto body technician and enrolled at the Justice Institute of British Columbia to get certified as a paramedic.

I started working out in order to pass the physical exam. Through training and nutrition, I lost over 60lbs and realized the benefits of being fit and healthy over being unfit and unhealthy. This led to me wanting to inspire others to make changes in their lives so they could experience the same benefits I did. I love being a trainer because I work in an industry that is constantly evolving and where I am always learning something new.

Watching my clients achieve their goals and accomplish something they never thought possible inspires me every single day. In the future I’d like to work more closely with overweight teenagers and show them the benefits that exercise and nutrition can have on their lives.

Hi my name is Ashley and I am a Certified Personal Trainer, Nutritionist and part owner here at SWEATLAB.

From a very young age my life revolved around Gymnastics. My tiny build was made to be a gymnast and I quickly moved up the competitive ladder. Gymnastics taught me so much about self-control and discipline.  As I grew older, having a social life was more important to me than living my life in the gym and I decided to join a soccer team with my school mates. My team mates quickly became some of my best friends and we continued to play on the same team for years. Playing soccer continued to keep me healthy and active throughout my youth.

After I graduated from College I fell in love with travelling and decided to keep it up for four years. I of course do not regret one bit of my travels but with that being said it did lead me to a very unhealthy lifestyle which quickly added 30lbs to my 4’10 frame. The second I stepped back in Canada I did everything in my power to lose this added VERY unwanted weight. I quickly signed up with a personal trainer and nutritionist and from that moment on I was hooked!

I have such a passion for the health and fitness industry  and just want others to know what it feels like to live your life feeling this good every damn day! If I had one super power it would be to show the entire world how good health feels and I know they would all be instantly hooked. This is why I do what I do 🙂

Hey! I’m Darek

For as long as I can remember I’ve been fascinated with movement Inspired by all the action and martial arts films of my childhood, as a kid I would act out all the fight scenes ( quite poorly) yet be filled with joy from moving my body freely and vigorously. I wouldn’t learn until much later that strength and flexibility was the basis for all of that movement and so much more!

As I grew up and the world got increasingly more sedentary I become sedentary along with it. Unsurprisingly I had a lot less energy, felt more fragile and was all around less happy and healthy.

Later in life I started partner dancing, and fell in love with it I danced so often I ended up instructing and competing for over 6 years.  I was very active but still felt that same fragile and weakness I did as a kid. I knew what the solution was and not long after I decided to become a personal trainer and dedicate myself to the study and pursuit of health and fitness.

There are so many irrefutable benefits of exercise and nutrition. I believe that what most people need is an intelligent, progressive approach to fitness along with some coaching, encouragement and a side of accountability, and that’s where myself and the rest of the members of SWEATLAB come in!

Hi, my name is Charlie.

I was born in Canada and when I was three my family moved to Switzerland.

I’ve always had a round face compared to the other girls in school and was teased for it regularly. I used food as comfort and I gained weight as I grew older. I constantly hated what I was doing to myself but had no idea how to stop.

When I turned 13 we moved back to Canada and that’s when my weight issue got worse.

The portions in Canada are much larger than I was used to and everything seemed to be much more processed. It was really easy to overeat, and by the time I was 16 I weighed 200 lbs. That was the breaking point for me. I could not believe how big I had gotten. I was desperate to lose the weight. I tried a bunch of fad diets and exercises, but none of it helped.

Then I decided to eat healthier, less processed foods and started following a plant-based diet.

Over the next year, I lost a few pounds without even trying. Feeling way better about myself, I started to exercise which has always been something I disliked a lot. I Started using exercise videos by Jillian Michaels and found huge success in it. I was finally losing inches and becoming lighter month by month.

Seeing the changes in my body and my attitude inspired me to help others. With my love for learning and growing, personal training just seemed like the perfect fit. I have loved it ever since I started, and every day I learn something new that I can use to help others and continue my journey.

At SWEATLAB we offer the following life changing programs!

Private 1on1 Training

The best and most effective method of strength training to reduce body fat, add lean muscle, rehab from injury, and get personalized care.

Private 1on1 Training

Semi Private Training

The best, most effective and affordable method of strength training so you can reduce body fat and add lean muscle.

Semi Private Training

ProCoach Nutrition Program

Tired of losing the same 20lbs over and over? Don’t want to live your life attached to a number on the scale? You don’t have to!

ProCoach Nutrition Program